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Listening Is The First Key To Any Negotiation

Negotiation is an important part of any business. Whether this is with an employee, client, supplier, or your boss. I recently read an article by Deborah L. Jacob’s about negotiating and she focuses on 3 points. One point that I couldn’t agree more on is “Let the other person talk first.” When we listen to the other side of the argument first, it sets us up in a better position. This is because there are points that we may have not been aware of going into the argument and this may change our perspective on the situation.

A point that I would like to add is to keep your cool! Science has proven that it is physically impossible to think rationally when we are under stress. The body releases adrenaline when you start to get heated in a conversation and this reaction does not allow the brain to think clearly. Ever said something in an argument that you did not mean to say?… My point exactly. By listening it enables us to feel out what the other persons goal and intentions are. To succeed successfully in a negotiation, we must really care about the others perspective and not just our own. A conversation will quickly slip into disagreement and violence if we only care about manipulating others or getting our own way.

If you would like to read about Deborah’s other two points on how to negotiate any situation “Avoid rigid deadlines” and “Set real expectations.” I included the link here:

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