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In 2011, Maki graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration – Specialization Marketing from Lynn University, FL. Originally, he began his studies at Emerson College with a major in Marketing Communication, but soon realized that Business & Management is what really motivated him. Coming from a family who owns and manages their own business, Aruba Adventures taught him about hard work, consequences of failure, benefits of success, and the importance of leadership at a very early stage in his life.

Being an Aruba native, it’s a place that Maki has always been proud to call home. Post-graduation he happily moved back and began running the sales & marketing for a year at Aruba Adventures, a company that operates excursions such as sailing, sightseeing trips, and land tours/transportation. Aside from managing the company’s marketing efforts, Maki assisted in coordinating most of the daily operations.

Once he was offered placement at Rollins College, he moved back to Florida to complete a 2-year, Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the Crummer Graduate School of Business. The MBA program at Rollins is ranked #1 in Florida by both Forbes and Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Maki’s objective is to strengthen his core management, marketing, and business development skills while attending this MBA program. Crummer Graduate School’s Center for Leadership Development is also ranked #1 in Florida and 19th in the Nation for leadership development education by Leadership Excellence magazine. The Center has awarded Maki with a “Recognition of Leadership” award, while attending Rollins, for his dedication to community service and personal leadership growth.

During the first year of Maki’s full-time MBA program, he took on an operations internship at the Marriott Ocean Club in Aruba over the winter break. During the second year of his studies, Maki became a vital part of the grand opening management team for an upscale, 112 room,  boutique hotel. The Alfond Inn is the name of the property and it is managed by The Olympia Companies. Recently, Maki was awarded Manager of the Year for his leadership and dedication to the successful opening and operation of The Alfond Inn and its restaurant, Hamilton’s Kitchen.

Maki’s favorite pastime is kiteboarding and he has placed in the top 3 for many professional competitions in Aruba. One of his proudest moments in this sport was making history in an open-ocean race from Venezuela to Aruba. He was only 16 years old at the time and placed 2nd.

Some of the places he has been fortunate enough to perform in leadership roles or internships over the past couple years are: The Alfond InnMarriott Vacation ClubESPN Winter X Games, Best Kiteboarding and The Center For Instructional Innovation at Lynn University.

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  1. I am writing to give my personal endorsement and strong support of Maki Wiggins. As a former resident and hospitality professional in Aruba, I have watched Maki grow up over the years-although I no longer live in Aruba I visit for at least two weeks every year and he has developed into a fine young man and surprisingly savvy business person for someone of his age.

    I have spent my entire life in the business of hospitality, so I pride myself on having an “eye for talent” and he has it. In my current role with The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach I still make frequent visits to Aruba and keep up to speed with his personal and business development. Maki has shown great interest in the hospitality industry and a fervent desire to learn more and increase his managerial acumen.

    He is fine example of the future of business in hospitality and tourism for Aruba.

    VP of Asset Management, Latin America, Host Hotels & Resorts

  2. Maki has always been showing a lot of interest in working with the Aruba Tourism Authority. On several occasions he has provided us with valuable ideas and suggestions to help our island succeed in the tourism industry. Maki has also participated in the organization and execution of familiarization trips, conventions, and on island tourism events which are organized by Aruba Tourism Authority, as a supplier of activities. These on island tourism events are geared towards the North American, Latin American and European markets.

    The Aruba tourism Authority is the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) for Aruba responsible for uniting tourism interests amongst the on-and off-island stakeholders/partners for the purpose of coordinating destination marketing, destination business development and destination partnerships.

    Maki has proven to be very responsible, professional, trustworthy and with a lot of potential to succeed in his chosen endeavors.

    CEO, Aruba Tourism Authority

  3. I have known Maki for over 3 years and he was a remarkable student and employee at Lynn University and was an enormous asset to our school. His ESPN venue managers always praised his work ethic, and ability to problem solve during his internship with them. He has always demonstrated leadership, responsibility and enthusiasm during his time at Lynn, and earned a high rating from his employers at Best Kiteboarding. Maki’s maturity level supersedes his age, and he is prepared for the challenges of the workplace. I feel confident that he will continue to succeed in his career and studies, where he will apply the lessons that he learned at Lynn. Maki’s drive and abilities will truly be an asset to any company or institution. Therefore, I offer my highest recommendation for Maki without any reservation.

    Associate Professor, Sports Management at Lynn University

  4. Maki Wiggins is a self motivated individual who can take advantage of situations and turn them into positive outcomes. I was able to delegate tasks to him knowing that he would complete them but yet also surpass my expectations. His problem solving techniques and the ability to work under pressure are excellent as he worked many tiring days and yet never complained. His communication skills were valuable as he was able to help do instructional clinics for over 100 beginner snow kiters. I would recommend Maki as he has an outstanding understanding of marketing, social skills and event management

    Director of PR / Event Coordination / Team Manager at Pure Action Sports / Best Kiteboarding

  5. I am delighted to endorse Maki Wiggins. Mr. Wiggins was an integral part of our team for almost two years, serving as Multimedia Instructional Technology Assistant. Skills needed for this position included high comfort level working online and in person, attention to detail, good verbal and written communication skills, maturity of judgment, good time management, familiarity with software such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, iMovie, and/or Flash, and a willingness to learn.

    Maki’s strong skills with classroom equipment and multi-media allowed us to rely on him as team leader for widely varying projects. Maki constantly provided creative solutions to complex problems; two examples jump to memory: 1) he created a way for students to share presentation materials in a Second Life classroom and 2) he designed an interface on the iPad to support rapid camera angle changes during classes delivered via video conferencing equipment.

    Maki’s contributions often surpassed expectations and his sense of humor was a constant help to the team. Maki consistently shouldered more responsibility, ranging from the planning and delivery stages of a new workshop to the details of creating a new visual interface. Responsibilities included creating and editing multimedia projects, responding to requests for help with the technologies CII currently supported, asssisting with CII events, including live faculty workshops, investigating potential technologies for future support, and developing documentation.

    Overall, Maki was an outstanding employee, a terrific team member and a creative colleague.

    Director, Center for Instructional Innovation at Lynn University

  6. Maki Wiggins and I worked together as a team to manage the MV Tattoo throughout the summer’s high season in 2009. I believe we served over 5,000 passengers during this time span. I have watched Maki work his way up to this position over the years from a deckhand to a server, bartender, and eventually onboard manager of the largest, 300 passenger, chartered ship in Aruba. Maki had a great work ethic and kept a good rapport with the crew on and off the ship. He always dealt with situations as they came up in a professional and calm manner.

    I was the captain of the vessel at the time that Maki was the onboard manager and it was an honor to have him serve as part of my crew. I also had the opportunity to study with Maki while he was getting certified for his 200 Ton Master Mate captain’s license in Fort Lauderdale, FL. At this time I was renewing my captain’s license of the same tonnage. Maki has many hours of hands-on training in maneuvering, maintaining, and troubleshooting common issues of seafaring vessels. That being said, Maki Wiggins is not only an excellent manager but he can also handle a ship safely and securely as a qualified, U.S. Coast Guard licensed Captain.

    Captain, MV Tattoo

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