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The Most Efficient Way To Increase Guest Loyalty Is By Investing In Your Staff!

April 11, 2013

The Market Metrix blog dug into 9 million hotel guest surveys to see which problems have the biggest impact on customer loyalty. They found that issues that had to do with service received by guests had a more significant impact over problems with the product itself. Product problems are when customers dislike or have issues… Read More ›

Using Technology To Make Ordering In A Restaurant More Efficient + Menu Technology Infograph

I found this infograph via @CulinaryChefs on twitter. Good to follow them if you are on the culinary side of hospitality. I have been noticing this trend in technology showing up more in restaurants lately. At Chipotle I can order my burrito straight from a mobile app in order to skip the line during the lunch-time rush…. Read More ›

Why The Ritz-Carlton Is #1 In Customer Engagement

In 2010 a company called PeopleMetrics did a study on customer engagement. They interviewed 5,000 customers and found that customer engagement is rooted in six different characteristics: offer, care, consistency, trust, effort, and genuineness. All six of these factors can be found embedded in the Ritz-Carlton’s Credo. I want to quickly discuss care as I find… Read More ›

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