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The Easiest Way To Add Wi-Fi To An Existing Wired Network On The Fly.

April 9, 2013

This has to be one of the coolest little devices that I have come across lately. For those who need to be connected to the web while traveling or just want to turn their office or meeting rooms existing wired network into wireless Internet. The D-Link Cloud Pocket Router is a perfect device that can… Read More ›

Using Technology To Make Ordering In A Restaurant More Efficient + Menu Technology Infograph

I found this infograph via @CulinaryChefs on twitter. Good to follow them if you are on the culinary side of hospitality. I have been noticing this trend in technology showing up more in restaurants lately. At Chipotle I can order my burrito straight from a mobile app in order to skip the line during the lunch-time rush…. Read More ›

Dropbox iOS Update Supports AirPrint, Twitter And Facebook Sharing

If you use DropBox to share your files between devices and with friends / co-workers like me, then you will love the new iOS update for iPhone. This update allows you to share your files and photos through your social networks, and it allows you to print them directly from your mobile device. Read more about… Read More ›

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