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The Most Efficient Way To Increase Guest Loyalty Is By Investing In Your Staff!

The Market Metrix blog dug into 9 million hotel guest surveys to see which problems have the biggest impact on customer loyalty. They found that issues that had to do with service received by guests had a more significant impact over problems with the product itself. Product problems are when customers dislike or have issues… Read More ›

How Should We Perceive Creativity in Organizations And How Can Managers Encourage It

Creativity from an organizational perspective does not just mean generating ideas or new perspectives. Creativity in organizations must be focused on ideas that are useful and actionable. One may have a very creative workforce but if none of their employees ideas are really actionable, then this is a wasted use of creativity within an organization…. Read More ›

Why DO You Get Out Of Bed In The Morning And Why Should Anyone Care?

I watched a video on Ted Talks and read about Simon Sinek’s theory on how to inspire others, as part of a project on motivation.  Sinek talks about the way all great leaders and organizations think, act, and communicate the same way.  Sinek says that “this idea is probably the world’s simplest idea” and what… Read More ›

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